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815 combine

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Is there and hour meeter on 815 combine? I saw on tractor house that they listed some with the hours but I looked at one yesterday and I didnt see one.
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i take it you didnt buy that 1440 and that is why you are looking at a 815? well we had a 815 and it didnt have a hour meter on it but im sure you could of put one on there if you wanted
no I plan on buying the 1440 I just have to get rid of the combine I have now to be able to afford the 1440. A buddy of mine is looking at the 815 and I told him I'd look a few prices up for him.
I think the low profile machines had an hour meter. We had an 815 when I was growing up and our neighbor had a low profile 915 and it had an hour meter. He also had a motor out of a 1480 in it. That thing would really go.
I used to have a low profile 815 and it had an hour meter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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