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8370r or rt?

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I have currently a 8345r. Love the ILS and ivt. I am getting a new corn planter 24r 30. We have wet soils usually. With potholes to turn around. I pull a 2000 gal fert tank also. My upgrade to the 24r has me nervous I won't have enough traction as I have spun out enough times with my 16r. Locally guys are going to 9000 four wheel drives to plant. I really don't want to make that plunge and would rather get an 8370r with triples and heavy ballast or 8370rt. Never owned an rt but am really interested in trying one but not many in my area as people say they aren't mobile in wet conditions. Can someone please bring some light to my decision making process. Deep down I want an rt but am also scared I'll hate it. Thanks.
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in terms of traction and power to ground, go with an 8RT. wishing i did. wheels slipping too much in the yellow sandy paddocks when moldboarding.
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