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Was harrowing ryegrass stubble the other day when the GPS screen would go black, then come back on. Did this a couple times. I drove back to the approach and idled the engine down. That's when I could hear the starter intermittently engaging while the engine was running.
I shut the tractor off. Then hit the starter button and the starter just made a nasty growling sound.
So off came the starter . A new solenoid, drive and gear later I reinstalled. Tractor fired right up. I never made 1 pass down the field when the GPS screen went black again. Same **** thing. Starter intermittently engaging.
So I changed the push button start switch. All good for an hr this time. Same thing all over again.

My thought is the GPS screen goes black when full power is being used by the starter. But this is just my thought.

What is my next thing to change??
Starter relay is my thought. But now I'm just throwing parts at it.

Please help.


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The starter relay gets it power from the key via the start switch, and the start relay grounds thru the charge relay. This is done to prevent the starter from being accidentally engaged with the engine running provided charging system is working. I just looked in my Series II service manual. My guess would have to be your relay is somehow powering up, either from internal fault, or possible you have a harness issue and some power is being cross fed from another source.

Is there a actual wiring diagram in your owners manual? They are there for the Series III. I got a copy shop in town to blow up all three of them for mine, engine compartment, cab and chassis, and had them laminated like I do for all my stuff, sure come in handy when working on them. The ones for Series II are in the service book if you don't have one.
Camera on my phone is all scratched up so I can't take decent pics anymore and I don't have a scanner either. But the diagram they show for how that charge relay is tied into the start relay is pretty straight forward and you should be able to trace it back without a schematic. If you do need more specific info, ask, have to find some batteries for my old digital camera and go that route maybe lol.
Good luck.
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