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My 860 sat for a couple years and I was getting it ready to try to cut with it last July when the engine just died. I believed it was just out of fuel, so I added some and verified my add-on electric pump had pushed fuel back up through the filters, past the Murphy and to the injector pump. It still wouldn't start, so I thought my injector pump might have failed. I swapped the injector pump with one we had laying around, though I wasn't sure if the replacement was good or not. It still wouldn't start, so I took the original injector pump and had it bench tested and spill tested. It was fine. I've swapped it back and still have an engine that spins over, gets fuel to a working injector pump, and yet still won't start.

The one thing I noticed when I was replacing the injector pump the second time is that the timing mark on the shiv on the right side of the engine doesn't match the timing notch on the sprocket that drives the injector pump. I installed the pump so that the sprocket notch matched the TDC position on the injector pump, but in that position the shiv mark was about 120 degrees off. I'm guessing that I may have removed the shiv when I installed the engine and didn't line it up right when I put it back on, since at the time I wasn't aware that it was used in timing.

I'd sure appreciate any suggestions for getting this engine started again from anyone who might know about a Perkins V8.
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