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8780xp vs 9790

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Looking at possibly upgrading my 2000 8780xp to a 2005 9790 and am wondering how much more capacity ,ease of use reliability etc I would gain. My 8780xp has the updated front beater, the ATR rotor, mav chopper, engine set at 300 hp , fieldstar, about back auto stear. The 9790 has 1000 threshing hrs and my 8780xp has 1500 threshing hrs. Also what kind of money difference would be a good deal ?
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I would say about 15-20% more. We have a 9790 and my uncle has a 8780xp. And that's what I have figured for a difference. The 9790 cab is a big jump. And the 9790 is a lot easier for daily service. We have the QSL 9 cummins. I would look for a sisu. We have had quite a bit of grief with ours. Very temperamental engine.
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