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take a close look at the auger pan under the cylinder. they can wear out at higher hours, but a replacement is not too expensive although it is a lot of work to put in. not real hard, just a big job. i would also look at the frames that carry the chaffer and sieve. these are known for cracking on that series of machine. another thing to look at is the rubber bushings that carry the chaffer and sieve. none of these are deal breakers to be sure, just take them into account on the price. an 8820 II will have a great deal of capacity and i think you will be pleased with it. in capacity they are more that a 9500 and a bit less than a 9600 but for a lot less price. an 89 model is near the end of the run; these are the best of the series. they will give much less trouble and the early 9500-9600 series.
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