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8820 Deeres, what are they like ?

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We only have a fairly small operation and need to replace our 37 year old harvesters (2 of) with something a bit faster. We are currently looking at an old 8820 JD Titan 2 and my brother and I are wondering what the differences are between an early 20 series and the Titan 2, or is it just a flash sticker on the side?
The machine we are looking at is supposed to be a 1989 model but I have no idea how to verify that, also do 8820s have any major design failings or is there anything that gives trouble we should be looking for. We have had a look but it just appears to be in normal order for its age. This machine has 4000hrs up so its not new but appears to be in good order, no rust in frames or anything and paint in good order so its not been outside much. We can't see anything other than that its a bit old but we would probably only put about 120 hours a year on it.

What do you blokes think, is it worth mucking around with or are they too fragile at high hours.
Graham, from Western Australia.
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I noticed your post above was numero' uno, so a "welcome to the forum" is in order.
The 8820 is a good machine. The 8820 needs more fan capacity, but every machine has its' weak points. As far as verifying the year model, you should be able to give the serial number to a JD parts guy, and they will be able to tell you the year model of that particular machine.

Sorry, I don't know the differences between the 8820 models, but they have been spoken of (in part, at least) in the above post(s). I think you will like the 8820. A good point about these machines is that they are able to be rebuilt at a decent price. Take a look at the concave, cylinder bars, conveyor augers, elevator paddle chains, and things like that. If these items are in good shape, you will most likely be able purchase a used combine that will serve you well.
O K A Y...

Veitchy, now that you have your 8820, have you had a chance to look it over real well? Does it appear to be in good shape, or does it need some repair before your November harvest?
A 5 mile drive to get it home didn't sound too bad...let us know what it looks like !!
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