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9 bolt hubs on a 1066

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I have a 1066 IH with 20.8x38 duals. The tractor is a southern tractor with the extra long axles and they have spent most of their life set on 38" rows. I recently took the duals off and moved the hubs in, for 30" row spacing and tightened the large U-bolts on the hubs down extremely tight with a 3/4 in socket/breaker bar and 4' cheater bar. I checked it after a day of use row crop cultivating and it was getting a little loose so I tightened it back, but it keeps working back loose. Now the hub and wheel/tire have slid out to the original spot. There's a lot of pressure on the hub when the tractor pivots on the tire. What can I do to make it tighter and stay in place?
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Inspect the keyways and the drive key for wear. I forget how them are setup exactly, but I have seen a lot that were run loose. Have seen where things were wore to the point of when you tried to tighten down those clamp bolts the small half of the clamp will split. If either hub, outer for duals, or the main drive wheel is allowed to run loose in that manner, it will wear the wheel hub and there is only one fix and that is replacing it. I have also seen where the axle is wore as well. Simplest fix for duals if the axle shafts are wore, is to change over to clamp on duals. If its just the hubs, in this part of the world, no shortage of parts at the wreckers, though they are pricey if in good shape because they are in demand.

I got a burnt 986 I bought for parts behind the shop, I'll have a look at it when I walk by in later and see if that jogs my memory a bit more;)
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