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9120 & 16 Row Cornhead

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How many 9120's were sold this year any ideas? Also how many 16 row corn heads?

The reason I ask is I watched a 9120 & 16 row head picking corn at over 6mph in 100+ dryland corn yesterday across the road from me, I was EXTREMELY surprised to see a 16 row since I thought they were limited production...
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I heard there are 8 16 row heads here in iowa.
Didn't have my camera and I was running the grain cart so really didn't have much time as we were on the far side of the circle from the 9120 across the road, but I will find it this fall as I know who has it.
several around I have a new one and talked to a guy by souix city with one, the other day. he has a tracked 9120 as well.
Where are you guys cutting at? I was hoping to go out and take some pictures of it cutting this fall but I have no clue where its at.

Who was running it? last I heard (rumor) was they were keeping it around for a while as a show model???
We were cutting on Hwy 24 north of the east menlo turn off about a mile, the combine has already finished it's quarter across the road and has moved back to south somewhere.

The head is already sold and the farmer has possession, so nope not keeping it around as a show model.
Our truck driver spotted a Case running a 16 row head sout of Modoc on Monday. I'd love to see one, man that would be a lot of material flowing through there.
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