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Looks great Tony!! I thought the 8010 was a beast, I don't know what to call the 9120. I caught the video on agtalk and was going to reply there, but the negativity put me off so I decided to just post here.
Would like to personally thank you for all the info you have given on here on the 8010 and 9120 it is greatly appreciated!!! In fact it was instrumental in my decision to get rid of two tired workhorses(1480-1688) and get an 08 8010. After 180 seperator hours and 4 crops the only problem has been a faulty lower sieve acuator(1hr of downtime). Actually with the inability to find help to keep the two combines running my productivity this harvest has increased just running the one. I'm happy that your harvest is going well and your new machine is working better than expected. Your father would be proud. Take care.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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