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915IH or L2AC

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Ok wondering... what combine is better in corn, L2 Gleaner or the 915 IH both with 8 row corn heads?

I'd also like to say I'm new to the site and really like how comments and answers are followed up with real stories, real numbers, real experiences, and photos (hopefully in this case too) instead of the old my daddy had certain color or I like it cause everybody else does answers.
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715s run 4 row corn heads I've ran a 915 with a 6 row and I'm sure a 915 will handle an 8 row, all my IH literature says the 915 will handle an 8 row as well. I guess another question is, Has anybody ever ran an 8 row corn head on a 915?
I ran a 915 many years with a 8 row corn head in two hundred bushel corn slow but it worked great if any one needs a 915 I have one that only has 1700 actual hours.
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