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920 flex head adj. ?

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Bought a 1998 920 flex head for my 9610 last spring and am having a hard time getting a nice short cut. The angle of the sickle seems to be off. When I put the head down the guards are angled up instead of down. Is there a simple way to change this angle? It did not come with an owners manual. On my hill farm I had no tilled all the beans in between the old corn stalks and had a fairly firm ground. Down in the valley I deep tilled everything and it is much softer. I have sped up the backshaft to try and get a better cut but it is still leaving way to much crop on the bottom of the stalk. Previous owner ran it on a 9550 4x4 so maybe had a better angle from the feeder house than I do. I can raise the rear end up 2 1/2 inches but after driving it up on blocks I don't think that would do it. Any help please! Twogun
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Get an owners manual from someone, it will tell you how to how to set the cutter bar tilt so you are parallel to the ground.
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