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Well we bit the bullet this year and made the leap to a 9250. Coming from a 7088 and an 8120. From what I see here alot of you guys have experience with these machines. When it comes to heads we will be running a 40ft straight cut and if we swath it will be 36ft, it is a similar setup to our neighbours and they run 4 9250s. One concern that I had was going from 2 machines to one, however for our 3000ac we were told it would work. As for why a 9250, we deal alot with Hergott Farm Equipment here in Humboldt and I don't know it the have ever sold an 8250. The combine we ended up getting is from people that our partner knows through his off farm job. One thing I am glad is that it doesn't have a Redekop, imo all they do is suck extra power.
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