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We are looking at the possibility of purchasing a 9250 combine for this upcoming fall. Are there any major issues or problems that any of you have experienced with them?
This is info for anyone looking to purchase a combine from the 20 series up to the 50 series. Used to work on them daily for years, so some tips for all of you.

Feeder slip clutch.
Keep the slip torque between 375 and 400 foot pounds. If rebuilding 1, set it at 400lbs, manually slip it 4 or 5 times to break it it. REMEMBER, soak the fibre disc's minimum 1 hour in the oil to saturate, or torque will be WAY out whack.

Feeder chain sprocket shaft.
Never did myself, but, if older series requires 1, install 8010 shaft. It does NOT have that grease nipple. All that business is a internal non serviceable clutch. Never grease an existing 1 unless you are having slip issues. If still slipping, shaft needs replacing. Garbage design!

Feeder slip clutch splines.
Keep them lubed yearly. There is no nipple, so, pull slip clutch off, antisieze splines, replace felt seals and reinstall. When apart, check splines on both ends. Clutch shaft splines will take out sprocket shaft splines, and visa versa. Expensive fix for not lubing splines.

Never blow out rub bars unless doing them all.. Then ensure EVERY 1 is totally clean. Balance is essential.
Concave adjustable motors blow at times. Nature of the beast. Comes from lots of slugging, usually. Don't be alarmed if it happens. Just replace it and slow down a bit. Lol

I live in SE Saskatchewan, so no corn experience. However, never drop chopper in low! Unless you want to replace inner chopper shafts regularly.
Just, way too much torque for that small shaft.

Keep it balanced! Knives do fly off at times. When doing knives, if only a few, buy extras.
Then install a new 1 directly opposite of the 1 that is missing. And use Locktite Red!
No experience with the Reddekopp chopper. This refers only to Case internal.
Give those chopper bearing a shot or 2 of grease every 50ish hours, when warm and in use. Do not overgrease, or bearings will fail.

Never let DEF freeze!! (stored totes). Keep out of sunlight.
Also, has, max, 2 year shelf life, if cared for.
On combines with DEF watch where you put your foot when climbing up on top. The DEF pump is mounted to the access steps. Easy to crack a line off by accident.

Hope this info helps all of you.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts