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I am sure others have had the same problem, the problem I am having is the connection on the right hand side of the cab for the arm rest power. it does not make contact all the time so it will not give the OK to start signal. Therefore the machine will not start. I also sometimes loose power to the armrest causing the park brake to come on and the separator to shut off. I had this problem a few years ago and traced it to that location. John Deere came out and put a new quick connection in. The problem is back. I had john Deere out to fix it and hook up the header lights which just reminded me why I take the time to fix my own problems. $400 later my header lights work, that I ran the wiring harness for so it was just connect at both ends, I have header lights but the starting problem is still there. He looked at the pins and said they looked fine. He suggested that I jump wire 23 (power to arm rest) but that did not solve the starting problem.
The question I have is can the quick connect be removed and each wire soldered together so there is always a connection. If I wiggle on the wires in the little access hole behind the seat long enough it will start.
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