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9500 header ????

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Just bought a 9500,we have limited funds left. Question is, can we use the 13ft. 213 header we still have from the burned up 6600? Will there be enough crop going through the machine? I grow wheat and soybeans. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
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Where are you located? What are you typical conditions? Typical yields?
Located in North Carolina,small fields,50-60 bu. wheat,30-35 bu. beans
a 220 or 224 would be better suited but if you don't have much choice the 213 would get you by for a year or two but I would think a 220 would be easy to find and fairly cheap
Get your knives and guards in tip top shape because you will be travelling faster
with that sized head. A conventional combine does not need to be full to do
a good job thrashing and separating. Just depends how you set it.
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