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9510 & Macdon FD70

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We run a 9510 sidehill with a 925F and 643. We would like to switch to a draper header for our soybeans. Macdons FD series would be great because I think we could do our terraces with the 10 degrees of flex up and down in 3 sections. Do you guys think a 9510 could handle a 30 foot header in 50 bushel soybeans? It is actually lighter than the deere 625 hydraflex and the no slugging may actually allow nearly the same ground speed. Does anyone know anything that could help us make a decision. Also, how fast should we be able to go in 150 bushel corn with a 6 row?
Thanks in advance
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I know a neighbor of ours ran a 630 hydraflex on a 9560 walker in pioneer beans (green steams) and had lots of problems with slugging the machine. Not sure on yeilds and moisture and other info like that. All i know is when he hooked up the platform, the combine moved really slow and was stopped alot.
thanks for the info. we also plant pioneer and had a lot of green stems last year. our neighbors run a 9560 walker and 625hydraflex and had the same problems too i think. the only reason i am still considering the fd70 is that the 30' is actually a little lighter than the 625 hydraflex and the draper should prevent the slugging, atleast thats what i've been told and expect. but i'll definetaly consider your info. again, thanks
Yeah with a draper everything does feed in alot better and since its head first it goes threw easier.

so i have noticed slowly going threw bad beans is easier..

u can slug anything tho
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