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9540 massey streaking

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Having trouble with streaks of unspread bean trash behind the 9540. I think the chaffer is being overloaded on each side of machine. Beans are 11 moisture and stems are dry. Wished they had a way of closing of the separator completely and forcing material out the end of rotor instead of on chaffer.
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What chopper arrangement are you using? I greatly improved my spread by adding four more long chopper fins in on the spreader board. Last year I was very disappointed in the distribution out of the chopper.

Have you had the update to the rotor discharge plate and the deflectors to control the flow of the straw? Have you had the update to the top sieve to get the flow off the sieve to the lowered chopper door?

I added a chaff spreader to mine and found it worked much better in wheat, however in soybeans with the chopper door open all the material is spread out the chopper and I like that much better in soybeans than the chaff spreader.

There was also an update to the position of the spreader board to allow it to be tipped higher. That has allowed me to spread the straw the full 35' where last year I was barely getting a 20' spread. Part of this has to do with the above mentioned additional long chopper fins but raising the spreader board above horizontal help a lot as well.

I've seen 9540's in standard MF dress.
I've seen them in a Canadian flag.
But streaking?!:eek:;)
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Take the deflectors out at the rotor discharge, it will spread like a banshee!!!
Take the deflectors out at the rotor discharge, it will spread like a banshee!!!
Which deflectors are you talking about? The ones on the side that are adjustable? I too was disappointed last year in soybeans with the spread pattern. We've got the tailboard adjusted all the way up & the rotor discharge panel updated. They also installed the rubber deflector/flap from the shoe to the top of the chaff spreader. Keep us informed with all your updates as our combine is a 2012 & feel that we are the ongoing prototype test machine.
We ran with our chopper door closed and chaff spreaders on and after some fine tuning and tinkering we were quite satisfied with the job of spreading our 9540 did behind a 40' cut .
We moved the longest fins to outer position and added a bit more adjustment to all the fins , modified the deflector and made sure the straw was being discharged from rotor into center of chopper . Prior to that ours was streaking the residue also .

You may need to install concave blanks or run some large wire on the right side to keep the trash up in rotor longer and off the chaffer , I am presuming you are running all round bar concaves in it presently .

If you remove the tail board you will see the deflectors benk8680 is referring to .

Ours was a 2012 9540 , it worked well for us , but along with twin stacks we also felt we were in the R & D department running a prototype machine .
Last year I ran 4 large wire concaves on RH side with 2-3 blanked. Was always finding soybeans on rear axle & was coming over rotor, This year I pulled every other wire on all 4 RH concaves & still going to have 2-3 blanked out. The tailboard had all the paint worn off the under side so this year I drilled 2 more holes to pitch the angle of the tailboard up more & hoping this too will help. I will check into placing the long deflectors to the outside as this is how Deere has theirs as well as the deflectors inside the chopper housing.
have you tried without blanks twinstacks havent done soy but do lupins an peas maybe similar.
Yes, usually start with them in when stems are green & when getting dry take them out. Last year I always had soybeans sitting on rear axle reguardless of the settings or speed. This year the updates, perforated LH upper rotor cage have been added & hopefully makes a difference.
Yes I run 12-1250 fan speed, any less & you get a lot of pods in the tank.
Are we suppose to run the perforated LH upper rotor cage in soybeans or just for corn?
Are we suppose to run the perforated LH upper rotor cage in soybeans or just for corn?
I am going to leave the perforated uncovered unless I cannot get the crop thrashed out up front.
After running in soybeans for the 14 season I had no better spread, still throwing material back forward on rear axle & ended up removing updated rear rubber curtain on sieve to chaff spreader after it packed in so tightly that it again tore the wiring harness for the electric sieves & had closed them completely, had to remove everything & go back to manualy opening the sieves. The spread was not even so I removed the RH rotor deflector to even the RH side out, without any change to spread pattern. I found out the chopper overload light did not work because the carriage bolt was installed backward & with that we found more issues with the rotor reverse being plumbed backward, only to find that when you do turn the rotor backward there is not enough hydrualic force to hold the hydraulic reverser engaged into the flywheel to reverse. NOT A HAPPY MASSEY OWNER!!!! I will reveal more issues if Agco does not get these issues repaired.
We have a 2013 9540 and like it except for the residue spread from the rotor. We removed the right side deflector and moved the left side deflector in all the way. This helped a little but very little straw comes out the right side. Detroit on Agtalk mentioned changing the separator settings. I am going to talk to our service manager and see if he has any ideas. Has anyone else found a solution?
rburk I windrowed 60 acres of soybeans for neighbor & from the looks of the windrow the rotor ropes it & dumps off when the tail gets torn off, so assuming until the chopper grabs it & pulls it into & out of chopper which is on the LH side. I removed both deflectors on back of rotor only to reinstall the LH one to help cut or rip off the tail. I told the agco rep the machine needs a discharge beater to help distribute the straw into the chopper more evenly & not just on the Lh side. All other brands have discharge beater. The chopper opening
on the bottom is angled up for some reason, maybe to throw material up higher to spread wider? But all it does is throw it up onto the bottom side of the spreader board & looses its momentum. I am removing this bottom back panel on spreader to see if it helps the spread.
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