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What chopper arrangement are you using? I greatly improved my spread by adding four more long chopper fins in on the spreader board. Last year I was very disappointed in the distribution out of the chopper.

Have you had the update to the rotor discharge plate and the deflectors to control the flow of the straw? Have you had the update to the top sieve to get the flow off the sieve to the lowered chopper door?

I added a chaff spreader to mine and found it worked much better in wheat, however in soybeans with the chopper door open all the material is spread out the chopper and I like that much better in soybeans than the chaff spreader.

There was also an update to the position of the spreader board to allow it to be tipped higher. That has allowed me to spread the straw the full 35' where last year I was barely getting a 20' spread. Part of this has to do with the above mentioned additional long chopper fins but raising the spreader board above horizontal help a lot as well.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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