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9550 Sidehill Final Drive Housing Failure

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The right side suffered complete failure last week. Combine went down with a full grain bin of corn aboard on the side of a hill. Further inspection found left side cracked as well. Right side suffered drive shaft and leveling cylinder damage as well as all the shields, brackets and fiberglass gull wing panel and the right side platform for cleaning windows. Cast housings were $6600 a piece, leveling cylinder was $1400. We are looking at a $20K bill at least. It really was quite a mess and a major repair project. Anyone else have this problem? Is this typical of these machines? We checked the other 9550 Sidehill we have and that one is fine. The ins. co. adjustor says if the housings were cracked they would not cover them, but would cover the damage done to the machine and some of the labor and expense for the rental unit to replace this machine for a few days. He says he has seen several of these failures and that Deere has a problem. They will not admit to any defect or problem. He said we would notice that the replacement housings are thicker castings than the old ones. We never saw the old and new side by side so we could not tell for sure. The old ones were disassembled and reassembled at the dealer. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Is this the outside final drive housing that broke, what tires, rims and spacers do you have. I have seen a couple axles that broke, but not final drive housing.
They have a problem with them. Had a 9500SH went through one final drive. our 9550SH went through three, the first one went down on us. Every sidehill around here has went through at least one. Get rid of them. Get a hillco or 7010 with self leveling sieves like we did.
So what final drive will a hillco run, self leveling sieves is this a sidehill combine.
If you run your front wheels dished to the widest setting (swapping wheels side to side) it puts a ton more stress on the final housing causing them to crack and eventually break.

Hillco levelers will run all finals offered by deere.
We never dished our rims out wide. When you get in hills and ditches they just wont take it. Couple neighbors have 9660/9670 hillco get along good with them. Self leveling sieves are standard on 7010, not as good as a hillco machine as far as leveling but still work pretty good and alot cheaper.
For sure a problem there, I had a cracked one on my 9510 but i luckily caught it before it gave! Two other neighbors with 9500's and they did not catch it, costs alot more that way. Rahhco for me next.
Nope, dont know who basketrage is. The man asked if there was a problem and i answered him.
We are not the same. Take a quick glance at the gender listed for each of us. Tom, the housings were cracked at a point just below where the leveling cylinder attaches to the housing, not at the big round area where the bull gear would be inside. I don't know off hand what tires and rims (single tires front and rear) are on this machine, but we purchased this machine new in 2002 and it has never been altered in any way. It is a 4x4 unit and has never had a bin extension of any kind on it either. The SH machines are normally wider than the LL machines because of the different housings. Ours always runs over the outside corn stubble row with a 6 row head on it. The 9660 LL we used while this one was down did not do that because it is not as wide. It was also a 4x4 unit but had much bigger rear tires than ours do. BTW, if you want to have some fun, take a couple dealer reps who keep telling you that you don't need a SH machine for a ride in a LL machine on some of your AVERAGE hills. Watch their eyes get as big as half dollars and see how fast they get off the machine! Then tell them that you have hills much WORSE than 98J has! Silence is golden! The sad part is that there is a red 5088 with a Hillco under it arriving next week for us to demo. How do we get Deere to step up and admit a problem here and assist with the repair bills? Short of that, and given the previous parts and service issues we have had with our local dealers, there will be a red machine here in the future.
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We had one 9500 and 9550 break the housing. and had a few other guys in the area break them too. Its just something to look for on the Sidehills. Fortunately when the 50 went down it didnt hurt anything else but when the 9500 broke it took out the ladder, tailings elevator, sheids and messed up the big side sheet metal door.

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Thanks for the pics. That small photo looks just like our failure. It is pretty obvious where the crack evidenced by the clean break close to the big round pin. Left side was cracked at exactly the same place and was replaced at the same time as the broken one. Does anyone know if Deere makes these castings themselves or has them outsourced? Are the replacements actually a thicker casting than the broken or cracked ones?
rupert & basketrage are you the same or what
Tom, click on the small picture above to enlarge it. The crack and breaking point are directly above the drive shaft you see hanging there and just behind the big round pin. You can also see that this leveling cylinder is bent at the bottom end just like ours was. The large piece of the housing laying on the ground is what has broken off. When this happens, the wheel and tire come off with it and either lean into or away from the machine and go up when the machine goes down. Ours leaned in and went up and took out all the things I mentioned in my original post. It seems like they are all failing at the same spot. The big round pin is #7 on your top drawing. Nothing on #1 in that drawing was broken. On your second drawing it was indeed # 12 that failed. They crack and then break off at the lip indicated by the two perpen dicular and parallel lines directly to the left of the hole where # 7 and #'s 11,13,14, and 15 go into #12. Follow the dotted line from # 14 to the bolt hole on #12. this line runs right thru the lines I am talking about. The pin #7 and the piece of # 12 that it goes thru stay attached to #1 and the machine. The rest of # 12 and the tire and rim come off when it breaks.
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Man never heard of that happing will have to check mine. That would not be good on a hill with a full bin and it break on the lower side.
Always seem to break on the uphill side. When 9550 went down was on a real steep hill and had to get a back hoe in to dig a pit to put new final and tire on. Check around the two grease zerks, on the front side and underneath actually crawl under there the cracks are hard to see. good luck
Tom, does Deere make these castings or farm out their production to someone else? Are the replacements actually thicker castings than the broken ones? Any suggestions on how to get Deere to "man up" here and help us out? I trust you now know exactly what broke and where.
Mother deere wont help, your memory may have to change but call up your insurance company and tell they you fell in a hole and it broke. Not saying thats what you should do but has worked for some people.
Thanks for the tip Rupert. We can always hope they will admit they have a problem with these castings! Our problem is the past experiences of the ins. adjustor. He has seen a lot of these failures and knows how to spot the rusty part of a cracked housing from a mile away! If they pay for everything else, we will still be out $13.2K for the two housings. It would be nice if Mother Deere would kick in a bit of that. Thanks to all for your input. Just keep checking your housings for cracks.
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