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9560 questions

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Thanks for the reply. I'm sure that I'm buying an sts (not that I think they are superior, just that if JD has phased out the walker machine I don't want to buy something that is already obsolete). A rotor will be something very new to me but I guess I'll learn. Seems that there is a ton I can learn just by reading these forums. I just wanted to be sure that I can do at least as much as my old massey 860 can do. Also, the 9560 is the only thing I can afford for the size farm ours is (not that $160,000 is exactly cheap).
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We used to run a 9560sts. I would say the 8 row head would be a good match but a 30ft platform might be a little much. We ran a 25ft platform and in tough beans you had to watch your speed
agb, Jump down to page 18 and there is a topic on 9560 STS, might give you information you are looking for.
hey agb me and my dad also have been looking to upgrade to so ive been reading some information on the 9560 too. its looks to be a pretty stout machine. were located in southern michigan and run the same 150-180 corn and 40-60 soys but split it over 2500 acres. where are you guys located around and any more information you find about the 9560 let me know thanks.
We farm up around Owosso.
My dad and I are planning on upgrading after wheat this summer. I'm pretty sure it will be a Deere and certainly used. I'm trying to do my homework as to what machines are worth and am beginning to get a handle on that part. However, it sure looks like a 9560 is in our $$$ ballpark but I have a couple of questions for those of you that have one. What are/were the problems if any with those machines and can they handle horsepower wise and separation area an 8 row corn head and a 30 ft table? We raise 80-90 bu wheat, 150-180 bu corn and 40 bu soys on about 1200 acres.
Jd is far from phasing out walkers, just saw a new one at the local dealership T670 last week. Not many changes other than the cylinder and concaves/beater area.
Baling straw is the entire reason that I cannot switch to STS. Most of my growers count on the extra income which usually yields twice what I charger per acre,,, go figure.
Hey agb, we ran a 9560sts for two years. Used a 8 row corn head and ran a 30 ft. MacDon flexdraper on it. As far as power, you will overload the shoe before the engine. In 90 bushel wheat we ran between 3 and 4 mph. 250 bushel corn between 4 and 4.5. 80 bushel soys 4.5. The only thing we did'nt like about it was that you couldn't get the high unload rate on it. Switched to a 9660 because we picked up a few more acres but it sounds like the ideal machine for you operation.
Last fall, ran 4000 acres of corn through our 9560 sts with an 8 row geringhoff at 5-5.5 mph on 175 bu corn. We took a 30% chip out of a 7820 and put it in there because we ran out of power in mud. Year before that, we didnt use the chip and had plenty of power as long as the air and fuel filters were clean all the time. Never have ran a bean head on it though, only had corn for last 6 years.
man jlebrun, you kept that little baby rotor humpin to cover 4000 acres!
it seems to handle it just fine, no reason to spend $20,000 extra for a size bigger. Might be a different story if we started doing beans again
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