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9560 sts sieves help

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Our servo went out and we can't close the sieves.
I can't find anyway to manually adjust them.
Anyone have any ideas?
Two days till the new servo gets herem

Thanks, Dave
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Where abouts are you at in SW mich I can believe fillmores don't have one? How do you like your 9560 we just traded a 9570 I cut 30 acres of wheat seems to be a nice combine
I'm in Hillsdale county.
Got it fixed, after a lot of searching found a wire that was pinched.
Really like the bine it has treated us real well.
If that does happen again you can adjust them with the manual knob located on the actuator. The indicator in the display might not work but at least you can eyeball them while you are adjusting it. To get to the knob reach through the removable inserts in the right and left corners of the chaffer. To adjust the chaffer remove the cover plat on the rear to access the knob.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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