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9570 capacity

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Trying to decide on a new combine. The 9570 and the 9610 have similar horsepower. I can not find the seperator area on the seives on the 9610. What do you guys think. This will be the 2010 model year with the self leveling chaffer.
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I meant to say does it have greater harvesting capacity
that shouldnt even be a hard decision. Brand new combine over a 10 year old or so machine? I don't know the numbers, but I would bet the 9570 has more capacity especially with the self leveling seives. 8 row corn head at 4-5 mph. 30ft bean head at 3-4 mph. Bin extension to hold 300+ bushels. New machine, warranty, easy decision.
yeah i agree, if you can afford and justify a new combine go that way.
I think they should be pretty even. Might give the 9570 a slight edge tho
I almost bought a 9570. I first found that there wasn't as much of an aftermarket extended hopper options as there was the other models. I then found that JD put a 6,000lb+ rotor in what is basically a walker frame and that there was a few people having the hoppers breaking behind the cab. JD supposedly has a reinforcement brace available for this area. JD stopped making the 94XX and has now made the 95XX the "value" combine.
I bought a 9670 instead.

If your going to be putting an extension on it, I personally would feel safer with the 9610.
IIRC, self leveling sieves are standard on 9870 and option ($6000+) on 9770. Not available on 9670 or 9570.
Nope Bent.... on the 2010 models the self leveling sieves are standard on all models.
Interesting. I have a 3 week old quote here for a '10 9770 that lists code 3515, SLS automatic self leveling shoe with general purpose adjustable chaffer and bottom sieve, and carries a list price of $6,721.00
Excuseme I meant to say 6000+ rotor "system". At least thats what the local dealer told me.
in corn the 9570 might be as good. in wheat, i would think the 9610 will out cut it.
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