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9600 chaffer repair

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Your replacing # 10, you will have to take chaffer frame out and take # 9 and # 8 out to install #10.

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I've never had any problem(s) with chaffer fins coming out, but now I do. On the front, right-hand corner of my [top] chaffer, I have a section [of it] that has come out. You know, the section is about 10 inches wide. Do I have to pull the chaffer out in order to stick the replacement section in? I've got the new section ready to put in, but don't want to make any bigger of a job out of it than it has to be.
This hasn't happened before and I'm unsure.
Wow, Tom! That's great info! Thank you.
Please show me where on Deere to get that, so next time I wont have to bug you.
Todd On the left side it should say "Start Searching Here". Click where it says "John Deere Parts Catalog" right below that and it will take you to the JD online parts catalogs.
Your Welcome Todd, any time you need help just ask, Thank You.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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