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9600 header quites

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Woah thats really weird, I believe all the Max's have that stupid safety system. Not exactly sure tho.

Umm, I'd tell him to check the electrics (in the event it has a safety switch)

Or..well, Idk, Talk to jd9600guru.
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ours didn't have any safety device, we could leave the head running at idle to get out and find the bad bearing, etc.
Tell him to check the electric clutch.
Deeremanager is very close to the problem, replace the electric clutch module, have seen a quite a few of the go bad.Inside there is a set of brushes, they are worn enough that it will cause clutch to disengage. good luck deerefever.
my friend runs a 9600 and this year for no rime or reason the header just shuts off? he idels down redoes switch takes of every time? I asked if it had a safety switch in seat he din't know it is just a 30' rigid auger head where should I tell him to strart looking thanks for any insight
First check all your connections coming out of the cab.

I'd start with the safety switch under the seat and make sure that it: 1. has good connection - it's semi - U shaped and when your butt is in the seat it flattens out and makes connection. 2. Make sure the seat foam is not eroding and making it where the switch can't be engaged. 3. Make a jumper and plug into the seat switch harness and see if your trouble persists.

You can quick check the brushes in the electric clutch module - there are 2 screws the hold the cover on, then be careful pulling the cover off, once off you can inspect the brushes and wheel they ride on, also clean the unit with some contact cleaner. If the brushes are wore way down then replace the unit.

how often is the header shutting off?

ebertfarms, please tell your dealer that you traded with so he can fix that seat switch, if the next owner doesn't know he could be hurt or more and thats bad, also the dealer liability for that combine. On tractors there has to be a PTO shield.
they should have that information on hand from service records motram because we had them remove it before we took delivery of it 6years ago. I'll make a mental note to tell them monday when we go pickup the heads.
Mine does the same as cutncrop said, when I talk on my CB it makes the clutch shut off. Not every time but most of the time. Oddly it does it worse when it's down, never did it turning on the end. Makes me wonder if the clutch is worn, or the brushes. It was driving me nuts at first, I checked the clutch, and the seat switch. Dunno the brushes looked ok but maybe they are more wore than they look. Then I figured out it was the CB. Moved the cord and antennae some with little luck. Thinking about swapping the CB for a better one that might have better internal shielding. It really sucks not being able to respond when people ask you stuff without the head shutting off.
I have the same problem with another 9600, however it got worse the then the machine altogether would stop too, engine still wide open, I found it to be bad connections on the wiring harnesses that plug into the side of the cab, one had a broken retaining nut so it was no longer tight, and as it ran longer the contact pins in the connector had too much pressure on them from the harness sagging that it spread several of the female connector pins causing all kinds of problems. dealer is working on the problem now. I narrowed the problem down to the one harness on the top left of those at the corner cab, I would dissengage the machine but leave the auger swing swith in out position, this function never worked when the head would stop, wiggled the harness and I could feel the machine rock a bit when the connector had finally made connection and the auger would begin to swing.
i remember having issues with the 2 way radio affecting the head in those machines and most of the time just moving the arieal would solve the problem. it wouldn't happen every time the mic was keyed but it would only happen if the mic had been keyed.

Why bypass a safety switch?
If you have a two-way and when you press the microphone button to transmit, on our 9600s the header would quit and you would have to re-engage the header switch. Something to do with radio frequency waves disrupting the electronics. We had several combines that would do this.
Did you fix it yet? What was the problem?
Montana, we finally ran a hot wire straight from the battery and it seemed to solve the problem on several of our 9600s, however if I recall correctly, ! or 2 would still do it but only once or twice a day. Be sure if you do run a wire, that it doesnt rub any metal anywhere for vibration can cause wear in wire and be sure to fuse the wire at the battery. Good Luck!
Oddly, even though it did it a lot of the time in wheat, it hasn't happened once in 60 acres so far of corn. I wondered when I did wheat if it happened partly because of where the head was, because it never would cut out when I talked on the cb on the end of the field with the head up. Yet talking on it in the field cutting would often kill the head. Used the cb a lot so far in corn and hasn't happened once. Feederhouse is never as low in corn as it gets cutting wheat really low. Maybe not related, but just a trend I noticed. Kinda wondered if it had to do with getting a ground connection to the ground with the header. Or maybe just having more load on it would cause the clutch to quit easier. Dunno.
The 95 9600 that I had also would shut off the head when the CB mic was keyed and it also had the seat safety switch. Tried everything , ended up using a hand held FM.
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