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9600 Hole in Chopper

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We have recently bought a '95 JD 9600. It's in mint condition and has been a very good machine in Corn in Beans. It has 3000 Engine Hours. Options include 18.4R38 Duals, Contour Master, Spreaders and Big Top. We have it very clean and it looks good with the 925F and 843...Will post some pictures sometime. Anyway one thing that is odd on it is this hole in the Straw Chopper, the chopper is well balanced and works as should, I'm just curious if this has happened to others and how? Note these pictures were took at the dealer when it was sitting around so the chopper looks dirty and rusty. Thanks,


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I had the same thing happen to my 9500. Mine busted out during corn harvest. I welded a piece of sheet the width of the chopper and two inches above and below the knife slots and then cut slots with a cutoff wheel. I have run it that way the last two years with no problems. It was a much cheaper fix than a new one.
It seems pretty common for this to happen in corn, especially if the cobs are frozen and/or the chopper is left in hi speed with stationary knives in. Frozen cob are just like rocks going through the chopper. I've replaced several floors because of this and now some of my customers just roll the chopper forward for corn.
Yes I thought I had to do with Corn cobs, anyway this is just a minor hole and it works fine the way it is.
this is common we had same thing on our old 9600. check with worthington ag parts we bought one there half price compared to dealer they make a aftermarket one it holds up just as good. seems like about every other one i looked at had some problem nothing to be worried about. good luck with new combine.
Those hammers are shot. When you change hammers, you can move the rods that retain the hammers from one position to another so the hammers wear on a new portion of the rod. There are three positions, so you can move them twice.
But their still good...
You may not think there still good when you pack that chopper full of green stemmed beans. Had that unfortunate experience with hammers that looked about like those.
Yes they are getting some wear on them about how much do those cost?
How much does loss of performance cost you? That is the way to look at it.
The only repair work I've ever done on a Deere combine was replacing the chopper floor and hammers on a 9610. The hammers looked about like yours, Dano. They need to be changed.
It looks like those hammers have already been turned. The wear on the back side is about where the hammers need to be turned. You will be surprised how much less vibration there is on the back end of your combine with new hammers running on a new spot on the retaining shafts.

The vibration from the inbalance is slowly tearing the back end of your combine apart.
Yes this 9600 has very little vibration even with the hammers looking like they do, and we were impressed with the job it did spreading beans. We saw an example of a combine with that was bad. The whole back end was pretty much shook off. Anyway thanks for the help we'll look into new hammers,

New hammers would not be a bad idea, they look pretty worn out. New hammers would also help avoid wearing out the front cover because they will not allow the trash to build up around the knives.
I put one in last year. JD wanted to sell me way more parts than just the bottom sheet and wanted way more.
Ha we had the same thing happen to our CTS II in corn last year, was fine until we did about.. idk 90 acres of corn. smashed a hole the size of two of my fists in it. didnt hear it or anything.
Dano, Your hammers are shot. When u flip them over like your suppose to when they wear to half way, when the other side reaches half u have lost almost a half inch. They are the main reason for vibration and cracks around your machine. Not just the rear end. Remember the rear end is bolted to the front end

As for the hole. Someone sometime has left the cutter bar in during corn season and they get torn. That has absolutley no structural purpose to the machine or the chopper housing, just weld a patch over it and call it good.
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