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I had a 9600 last Sunday not cranking and when I jumped the starting circuit to get the engine going the separator and unloading auger would still not function.
Eventually I discovered the cigarette lighter to be shorted out after it came apart internally. I opened the armrest, put the cigarette lighter back together (screws just came loose) and everything worked fine after that.
It was disappointing to discover that the cigarette lighter gets its power from the same circuit (cc #23), which starts the engine, engages header, separator, auger swing and unloading. If anything goes wrong with the cigarette lighter (short or overload) the whole combine is disabled.

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This is one of the first things the diagnostics ask to check on many functions and it is good that they did this so it is a faster way to to tell if there is a problem in the circuit power cc 23 which gives power to alot of functions.

Tom Turner
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