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9600 slow header lift

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Could some one tell me how to get the header to lift faster on my 9600 ? I had the pressure on the block checked and it was 3250 psi. It doesnt matter what header is on it its just slow!Thanks!
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Are other functions noticeably slow too? If so, maybe your pump is getting weak. If not, might be a valve problem. Try switching the screw-in poppets on the valves with known good ones.
I have had problems with my 9600 header not lowering. The problem is worse after running and warming up. We have replaced most of the parts on the valve, just not the whole valve block (expensive). Replacing the o-rings and plungers and what not has helped but on occasion it still will not go down at will. Sometimes when it hangs up I have had to wait a full 20-30 seconds for the header to lower to an acceptable point to resume cutting.

Anyone else have a know anything about what might fix this, or is it just rebuild the entire valve block?
I have seen number 17 orifice screw out, check that.

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I messed with vavle pack today didnt seam to make any differnce so I guess the next step is to put a new pump on. I was hoping it would be something cheap and easy. Thanks again!
could be problems with the accumulator on the hyd system if so equipped.
Yes it has a accumulator we have it open 1 turn is there something to check on that thing?
Seen this a few times, would just about bet money on it is the suction screen inside the hydraulic reservoir. Drain the oil out of the reservoir and remove the fittings and you will see there is a screen that is not mentioned anywhere that fills full of crap. Hope this is the fault

Hi, why does one need to remove all fittings? Wouldn't screen be on suction fitting?
have 2 sets of the larger hyd rams for a 9600 or similar that make lifting headers way way easier will sell for 300 a set worth prob 1500.
IF you have a 36ft header on it I would bet you have the smaller cylinders. Put the larger ones on it. With smaller cylinders, it will barely lift the larger headers.
I'm almost certain there is a throttle valve in the header circuit back on the left side of the shoe close to the accumulator. It's not the valve on the end of the accumulator but somewhere close by. If I remember right it looks like a small bolt with a jam nut on it. I think the 50 series were the same and it isn't very obvious when you're searching for it. Turning it out is faster.
I can't remember how far back in time the feature goes, but for quite a while the header height button has been two stage for both raising and lowering. Pressing the button part way will cause a slow steady movement. Pressing a little harder to the second click raises or lowers it at a much faster speed. It's easy to forget about this feature on something that spends most of it life in storage.
Try adjusting the rate of drop valve on the header raise/lower valve block. This adjustment should be in the opps manual. Its the only adjustable valve on that block. It looks like a bolt with a jam nut. This valve does need replaced sometimes. Accumulator shouldn't cause that, to eliminate it from the system just screw the valve down. I you have pressure and other functions are not slow (like reel functions and unload auger swing) your pump is probably ok. If the rate of drop valve doesn't fix it then install the poppet kit. This kit includes the load check poppets and the header lower valve. FYI this is the kit you get for a header settling problem also.
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