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9600 with small motor

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my dad is looking to get 9600 and found one in really good shape but it has the small motor. Would it be better to find one with the big motor or do the small ones still work really well. i found with our 7720's we always ran out of capacity before power so will this be the same on the 9600? also how will this machine compare to the case 1680?
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I would suggest looking for a 9600 with the bigger motor, my neighbour had one with the small motor and had alot of trouble putting anything swathed through it. We had a 9600 with the bigger motor and it and we ran out of capacity before power with it, the small motor just won't cut it
They all have the same size motor (466) just the corn and small grain ones were rated at different HP, also the early models had less HP 235 vs. 260 right?
Mud will show up the smaller engine. We haven't had the corn to really load our early model 9500, but there were some fields last fall we were constantly backing off on the ground speed trying to keep the rpms up. Unfortunately at the same time we were trying to get through the wet spots, but it all came out fine in the end. Turns out there is a bottom in those fields, it was just about a foot down. We had some bad ruts this spring to deal with!
In corn I can push my 9500(small motor) untill the clean grain auger is full and it still has lots of steem. wonder were the grain goes once the augers and elevaters are full.
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