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9610 1999

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Looked at a 9610 today. Good shape. I did a thorough inspection on it. 1500 hrs sep. It has been hooked up to a 20 ft header and cutting dry land. And corn.

Anything else I need to look at, I have never seen a 9610. Not much different than a 9600. Thanks for any input.

Anyone looking for a 920 header. Still has paint on the auger near halfway.
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How many eng./ sep. hours?

what options?

10 series are excellent rigs......

The search function is your friend. There is a thread on maintenance items for 9000 series walker machines. It is pretty complete.

If they havn't been replaced yet, I think you will need a new feederhouse chain and sprockets, new concave and cylinder bars, and maybe a new vertical unloading auger. Probably also needs new walker bearings. Replacing the factory aluminum POS with wood seems to be the thing to do.

Whether its a good deal or not depends on the price. Your opinion will depend on what you are replacing.
i bought one identical to it as far as hrs last year. had 930 header.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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