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Yes, a young gun here looking for experienced combine advice. With me only being 22 I still have alot of learning to do. My question is on my 9610 with 3000 eng hrs and 2200 sep hrs and I am about to start tearing it down and getting it ready for next year and I know every combine is different but what I am looking for is some pointers that I should look for and replace with this many hrs. some things that i have already done is:
New shaker frames-went out this season
new straw walker bearings- before this past season
went through reverser gearbox- before as well
new rasp bars 400 sep hrs ago
things im thinking about doing
replacing feederhouse chain and sprockets
new concaves-??? don't really know if i need to
cylinder belt
centric bearings
new intercooler- some reason my fins got bent shut on 70% of it and on hot days it throws a code saying intake air to hot. tried to bend back but just didn't seem to work
also the last wk of running in the cab there was a howling noise coming from it sounded like the cylinder but could not ever trace it. no bearings were out anyone ever have this? thanks for the advice and help
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