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9610 straw chopper alarm

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Have 99 9610 with a redekopp mav chopper. Straw chopper alarm comes on when the separator slows down 5% in heavy spots. I think book says that alarm should go off when chopper slows down 15%. Changed sensor on chopper shaft and the magnet is good. Have single drive belt from engine to jack shaft and then double to chopper. Don't think it is the belt slipping because if running empty and move hydro lever forward a little too fast causing the engine to slow down the alarm goes off. Any ideas.
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Just installed the redekopp chopper on my 9600 this fall and am having same thing happen when cutting around wet spots or where the straw is green or tough,I was told it is the chopper itself that is slowing down because it wont let the straw out the back untill it is cut fine enough.But if yours is doing it when empty that is another deal.Could one of your main drive belts be slipping?
Did you replace the original pulleys on the jack shaft and the chopper when putting on the redekopp?
I put a redekopp on my 9760 and the sensor doesn't work on it either. No one seems to have an answer. Sure creates a lot of digging when the belt brakes!
Takes alittle fab work, but not much. Remove your magnet assembly from your chopper shaft, install two magnets discarding the half that doesn't have the magnet, carefully drill out threaded holes and install , presto no more issue with monitor.
Yes we have installed the pulleys that were supplied by Redekopp, which actually turns the chopper faster that the oem. Bought the combine and installed the Redekopp chopper so did not operate the combine with the oem chopper. Thanks for answers.
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