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I have a 9610 with an odd problem with the unloading auger cylinder. It seems as though the auger swings out to far, and not all the way in. By out to far i mean that as the ram is going out it gets closer to the verticle housing the more it pushes out and the verticle housing turns the closer the ram gets to it as it pivots. Well, the cylinder is getting all the way up against the housing and putting a slight bow in it. Is there a mechanical stop somewhere on it to keep it from going out so far and doing this?? Also it lacks about 3 inches or so from comming all the way in against the stop. It has the update where you mount the logic box down near the hyd valve. I thought that it might have a problem and put a new one on it -----still the same. Today while cutting I folded it out and now it wont fold back in either. When the button is pushed you can feel either line pressure up depending on which way the button is. After i got it swung out and wouldnt come back in I didnt loosen the relief side of the cylinder to see if it would fold back in with the line cracked open as i didnt want to get it in and it not be able to go back out. In the morning i will try that just to see if its not releasing the return from the cylinder. I looked at all of the braces where the cylider is achored and none seem to be bent in order for the it to over extened. Any suggestions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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