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Hi All,

Have a jd 9620 4wd with a 2630 screen installed the tractor has a standard radar but has never worked since I bought the tractor... I am trying to use the Radar output of a sf6000 to run as a ground sensor so I can get the slip monitors working...
I have ran a cable from pin 1 of the sf6000 to in cab 211c "brown" wire pigging backing into it.. Have also disconnected the original radar at the radar plug
I jave also gone into vti.001 imp 60 - It reads zero so it's not picking up the signal.

What am I doing wrong/right or is there addresses that may need to be changed??

Let me know thanks

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On my 9630T there was a plug behind the dash to switch. But I'm pretty sure that was talked about in the manual. I did what it said and it still wouldn't read the slip off of gps speed. Had guys at dealership give me an address change in 2630.. Couldn't tell you what that was as is 6 or 7 years ago now.

Found my old posts on here about that.
The 2630 manual than goes on to say to check address vit 001 address 60 to see if that's at 0 or 57.42 Mine had to be changed to 57.42.
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