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Just wodering if anyone else has had similar problems and if/how they have over come those?

Whilst they may or may not be related, over the past couple of years we have lost alot of draper belt speed, so much so that it is probably our weakest link (speed wise) in harvesting. We have tried replacing many of the bearings on the rollers as well as replacing hydra-motors but to no prevail. Also over the last couple of years we have blown at least 20 different hydraulic hoses throughout the header and platform.

We are thinking that the problem may be with the hoses vibrating against one another, so may just need a whole lot of silicon sealer to stop that, but any other ideas?

And with the belts could it just be that an old machine is becoming a bit bent, rusty etc?

We have the dealer out now they are going to replace the speed control box for the drapers... hope it works!
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