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9650STS, 930F, Reel Fore/Aft Problem

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This will be our first season to harvest with a JD combine, so we are a little new to some of the features and troubleshooting, thus I am asking for some help. We have gone over the machine and heads this past summer with a fine tooth comb and corrected any item that we found. This Saturday we attached the 930F platform to the machine to test that everything was functioning properly. All sensors will calibrate correctly, Contour Master functions correctly, reel up/down is OK...BUT...we believe we are having a problem with the Fore/Aft control for the reel.

The first 3 to 4 times I cycled the reel in/out, it appeared that it was OK, except that retract speed was about 1/2 that of the extend speed. About the fifth time and it would extend, but not retract. I cycled the button back and forth in the cab a couple times and it finally (slowly) retracted. At first my dad thought it might be binding, so he greased the slides, but it made no difference. I should note that when it does slide it moves evenly and appears free-moving.

Repeated attempts had the same results: extend no problem, retract would generally not work, but after multiple attempts it would retract slowly. I noticed the fore/aft hydraulic lines seemed to flex like they were under high pressure relative to the other lines which didn't appear to flex at all. I thought the hydraulic couplers might not be engaged well, so I closed the valves, re-coupled both sides, and re-opened valves. Same results.

One thing I noticed was that the couplers were tight, even at rest, like they had some pressure on them. This was different than the other connections. We even moved the reel to the mid position and you could still sense that both lines were somewhat tight with pressure. Even switching the valves from open to close for the fore/aft lines was more difficult. The other valves would open/close with ease.

If someone has some experience or would be greatly appreciated as bean harvest will start for us in about 2 weeks.

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We had that same 930F last season and I remember it being slow and stickey not wanting to move and having to raise it a little to help it work better, you really won't be moving it that much when you get into the field so it shouldn't be a big issue, at least for us it wasn't, you might also try to bleed any air out by retracting and holding the switch, we thought the problem was that the hyd cylinders were just to small for the reel.
had same problem with a 920f valve was bad on the head wouldn't open up
Anyone else have some additional thoughts. I tried purging air, but no luck, same results. I have considered pulling the cylinder pins to see if the rods move evenly and smoothly with no load.
Any help would be appreciated.
you may have to rebuild the cylinders as it sounds like oil is bypassing
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