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Was wondering - anybody have a rather large build-up of chaff covering the floors under the sieve and the rotor? I'm harvesting sorghum, sprayed w/ Round-Up about a week prior to harvest, moisture at elevator is 13% to 15.6%. This chaff makes a solid matting on the floors, which I have been scraping off with a putty knife about every three days under the rotor, and every five days under the sieve. Build-up starts at the plastic 'flutes' at the output end of the four floorpan augers, is on the 'fluted' pans under the fixed chaffer at front, and will cover the pan under the sieve about a 1/2" to 1" thick the full width and length of the pan. The floor returning to the tailings will build up a bit on the sides. And the pan under the separator tines builds up from about the mid-point on both sides, and goes all the way back to and including the 'flutes' under the discharge beater. I assume some of the moisture that bonds this stuff together is coming from the stalk (mostly in Dekalb 37-07, which is pretty hard to kill, anyway). Leaves are completely dry and crisp, to the point of being turned into dust by the rotor action. Been dealing with this for four years now, and am gettin' a little tired of pulling the chaffer and sieve out all the time.

Assuming some of you have similar problems, what's a good fix? Will fresh paint on the floors help any? Would have to remove the whole shaker assy from the back of the combine to access the lower pan for the tailings. I've heard of some folks laying stainless steel over the floors. Anybody tried it? Method of install (bolts, weld)? Results? Is there a similar problem with the -60's and -70's?

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated. And thanx for your patience while I vented a little. You know, sorghum dust is HIGHLY itchy, and our outside temps are 80* at sun-up, around 102* to 104* about 5 pm, and a he!! of a lot hotter inside the a$$ end of that machine!!!!!!! I need a solution!!!!
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