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9650STS to a 600 series platform

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After looking in to it myself, I was told the 50 series and the new hydraflex's are not a good match. Lots of money to get everything converted and after all the software updates there are no promises all the features of the header will function properly. I think it was like $5k for feederhouse mod's, software updates, wire harnesses and the lift cylinders are supposed to be bigger, but the 50 series can't be fitted with the right lift cylinders.
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Hi, I'm new to this site. Looks to be a very informational site. We grow corn, soybeans, and sometimes a little srw wheat in central IL. What is involved to put a 600series hydraflex on a 2003 9650STS without single point hookup that is a level land? thanks.
we have a lot of customers with this setup, even putting 600F's on a lot 9X00's and 9X10's
the performance of the 600F head is greatly worth it

yes the 50 series is a little more touchy to set up, but once you have it dialed in, it works great

your 03 will be new enough where it doesn't need a new header control unit, just a software update. you will need a new cornerpost display pad.
then you will either need to decide if you want to switch the head to multi point, or the combine to single point hyd/elec.
level land is real easy as you just get the bolt on hooks for the feeder house, remove the banana castings and install the hooks. you would also want to consider a wedge kit, or at least measure to see how close you are to neeeding one

this may sound like a lot, but i would say that it is definitely worth it
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I welded a couple of cleats onto the face of the feeder house to hold the front on and put a 3 way tap in place of the solenoid of the front under the primary reel lift ram. The flex uses the same hyd system as the reel lift so you can change the flex manually. cost me a couple hundred buck and used it for three years no worries!
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