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9650w hhc can't set change height

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hi everyboby my problem is when i use the hhc on my 930f the header height control do work but when i try to change height setting with the knob no respond ,Wonder if any of you guys had the same problem and fund a solution ?
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Pressing and holding the desired button on the stick while simultaneously rotating the knob on the console with your other hand is the standard way to change the height. I can't remember if there is a way that it could be turned off on a 50 series but it can be in a disabled mode on newer models. If it was disabled, pressing one of the buttons won't move the header, so if it moves its working, just trim it as described.
hi haystack , i did try that today and no result form all the buttons on the stick ,i manage to check the hhc knob potential meter and no voltage ,does the current come directly from the armrest board?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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