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9660 STS In Soft White Wheat

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I have questions for the experts
This is my first experience with a rotary in wheat, I'm used to walker machines. Anyway I tried some of the setting here on the board and didn't have much luck with them, I got a real dirty sample. Heres where I ended up: Small wire concaves with fillers on 1,2,3 positions, concave clearance 20, rotor speed 850, fan 850, chaffer 18, sieve 5, separator fillers 2 rows on right 3 on left. Conditions are fairly dry, we are taking most all the straw through the machine for bailing and it is pretty heavy wheat between 120 and 160 bpa. For an idea on the straw we are getting about 8 4x4 bales per acre. With the chaffer and sieve setting the sample is really clean just a few white caps, the return is running between 1/4 and 1/2 full and sieve loss is very minimal, but my rotor loss is what is limiting my speed. I'm running between 1.8 and 2.5 mph with a 25' head. I don't have a set of large wire, I do have a set of round bar for HM corn, any one have any pointers?

Just for a plug for the STS, after years of using walker machine I'm impressed with the 9660, grain quality is top notch you have to hunt to find a cracked kernal, the sample is cleaner and capacity is quite a bit better. Thanks for any help.
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Try bumping up the rotor another 50 RPM's to see if you can help it go through a little bit faster
Ok, things I've tried. Bumping the rotor speed helped a little (thanks Alex) I pulled every third wire out of the last concave, this didn't help allot but it did some. I ended up with one sep blank on the right and two on the left. Settled at 850 for the air, 5 on the sieve, 18 on the chaffer, 900 on the rotor and 16 on the concave clearance. I still think that it should handle the wheat a little faster but maybe I'm just asking too much. I would have liked to try one of our round bar concaves in the number 3 position but alas I'll be done tomorrow with 08 wheat harvest so I guess it'll have to wait till next year. For now I guess its time to convert for Alfalfa Seed harvest such as it is, (A. Seed doesn't look very good this year) and then High moisture corn.

As a side note for those that are planning on planting Hay you might want to look at getting some seed lined up. This area is a very large seed producing area for Pioneer, Cal west, Land O Lakes/Forage genetics. And allot of the veteran seed growers are getting out of the business, just too much risk and not enough money in it any more. Anyway I know that the companies didn't get hardly any contract acres out this last spring and it doesn't look like they will in 09 either. At the same time theres allot of acres that are being plowed out this fall that won't be going back. Just a heads up for those that are interested.

Thanks for the help.
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In my experience with STS machines they cannot make as clean of a sample in Hard wheat, our conventional 9660 would easily make a cleaner sample than our 9860STS. We have found that tightening up the concave and speeded up the rotor helps. But at the end of the day it seems to be something you have to live with but for us its not a big concern because our dockage the elevator has not gone up at all.
jd, we are actually getting a cleaner sample in soft white wheat with the STS, also we have virtually no crack where with the 9500 and 9610 we always had some cracked wheat. Like I said maybe I'm asking too much of the machine we are in 135-150 bu wheat right now and taking most of the straw through the machine and windrowing it for bailing and I'm getting 2.0-2.5 mph with a 25' head. If I push it much more than that the rotor loss starts climbing.
Soft white wheat is way easier to thresh, if I ran 850 rotor and 20 mil clearance in hard red spring wheat I'd leave 10% in the head.
You may try removing some separator fillers but you might just end up trading one loss for another, probably be a wash.
You're talking 900 to 1100 bu/hr here, taking lots of straw, so high MOG/G ratio, I think your right, you are fundamentally maxed out.

Don, your right SWW is easier to thresh than allot of other's. I actually ran all the way up to 30 on the concave clearance and it was still taking all of it out of the head.

Alex I tried opening up my lower sieve to allow for more air the the sample went to pot, allot of white caps and trash in the bin. I went as high as 12, 6 wasn't bad but anything above that it started getting pretty dirty.
I know this is late, but you may also try opening your bottom sieve up to 6 or maybe even 7. Sometime people restrict their airflow from the bottom sieve by closing it down too tight and not letting it do it's job. Just another idea for next year.
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