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We have sold few of them in th past 3 years. Most of the parts are the same of a 9660 from USA. They improved the straw chopper, the chopper work better and it's easier to chop or not. The only problem we had with the combine is about the power separator over the straw walker. When you harvest in condition where it have some moisture or green stuff, the power seperator do not want to run the day after when you engage the combine seperator. The finger in the power separator still stick in the drum. It's about it the problem we had. The bad reputation for this combine is from Harvester work where they built the sts combine. They do not promote verry well this combine, they think they lost sale for STS, Competition betwen factory. It' s a verry good combine for small grain for farmer who the straw yeild is important for him. We have sold the new T670 who replace the 9660WTS. It should out perform the 9660WTS by 20%.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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