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9670 computer settings

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does anyone know the address and settings to split the sensors on the chaffer, also the settings to adjust the contour master. used to have them for the old combine but forgot to get them out of the manual, now all is gone to someone else.

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to set the shoe sensors to independent change RCU 116 to 2

and if you are talking about contour master sensitivity for auto header control, it is now on the armrest
The contour master sensitive will need to be changed in the control unit ( LC1 ) Deere has new software out to make it so the opperator can now set it through the comand center. Call you dealer and they can update your software.
sorry guys, just checked the messages and realized I made a mistake, combine is a 9660 not 70, won't get one of those till next year, again sorry for the mistake.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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