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9670 or 9770? need help deciding

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Looking at trading my 9610 for a 96 or 9770. Was looking for a 9770 but have found a cream puff 9670 I can trade for right. Will I notice a difference in these two machines in wheat from 30-50 bushel per acre? Will have a Mac-Don 36' draper on whichever machine I end up with. My partner traded for a 9770 and I need to be able to run side by side with him to keep everything equal. Wheat will be the only crop harvested.
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If most of your wheat is 30-50 bushel you are wasting money buying a 97. That is virtually exactly the same yield variance that I cut here (Australia) and I run a 40 ft on a 9660 STS. A bigger machine doesn't out perform it till the yeild starts to push 60+
For your operation, I'd go with the 9670, no reason to run a 9770 in those conditions. We run a 9760 on a 40ft Macdon in about the same conditons as you.
The 9770 should resale easier, just depends on the price diff. aslo the 9770 has a bigger clean grain system in add to the horse power I know the price diff for them new isnt worth doing without but if all your gona do is 30 to 40 Bpa wheat I wouldnt worry about it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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