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9670 with 12 row, grinding corn into meal

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have 9670 with john deere 612c head, in 28 to 30% corn and its grinding into meal, tried a bunch of different settings but no luck. is there something i have to put on the combine or is there a solution to this?

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yes the accelarator is in the slow position the concave is at 30 and rotor slowed down to 400
you may need to try the backswept feed acc strips, or try removing them completely
yes using the round bar ones,

what are the backswept feed acc strips?

was told by the dealer there are 3 different kinds of these deals for the accelarator.
Put less aggressive strips on the feed accelerator, and slow the rotor down to 300-320. Try running a slower rotor speed with a tighter concave setting. If you get the concave to wide, the crop will not flow smoothly and sit there and be subjected to more rotor contact.
Started corn today with the exact same setup. Moisture was a steady 29% and got along pretty good with rotor at 320, concave at 29. Besides everything mentioned, I also have the seperator grate spacers in. I think every machine is gonna have some fines though with this awful wet stuff. Sure does take some power, limited to 3.2 mph at 2200 rpm.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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