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9750 feeder chain troubles

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i am currently cutting peas and once every hopper full my feeder chain will start clicking and there will be green pea stems wedged under the chain at the upper sprockets. has anyone had any trouble with this? our 9760 doesnt do it at all and i cant figure out why this machine does
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Are the feeder front face plates in place?
Somtimes these are removed on draper headers for feeding but this can lead to sprocket wrapping.

yes. i tighten just how it says to on the inspection doors. so the chain is just touching the rails at the center of the door
i had to remove them for my draper head. how do they prevent the wrapping?
I think by not allowing material on the very outside edges of the feeder it seems less likely to wrap.
This probably happened shortly before you had to shutdown anyway, it tends to happen with tough straw.
Or are some of the plants still a bit green?
When you tightened the feeder chain there was no material wrapped on the sprockets or drum?
What header are you running?

there is some green plants. the head is a 930f. this morning i put the plates back on so we'll see how it works
That's an auger flex head?
Not sure you would need auger flight extensions or not.
Is other combine running the same header with plates in place?
Good crop?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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