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9750 sts or 9660 sts

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i am looking at a newer combine, and was wondering what the differences are between the 9750 and 9660. does the 9750 have more capacity???
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first we need to know what year 9660STS, the 06's had some updates and a new engine.

when the 60 series came out, the 9660 could keep up pretty well with a 9750STS, around here anyway.

as far as capacity, the 2 machines have the same threshing and separating area, the 97 has about 20 more ponies
we are looking at an 04 and an those have the bullet rotor???
Nope... '06 was first year of bullet rotors and first year of Tier III emissions I believe
I think that the 60 series had better header control options in the cab, the one piece hookup on the feederhouse and a different air distribution system on the cleaning shoe. I would think that in small grains the 9660 would be prefered to the 50 series. Don't have any idea in corn, how they would compare.

You could easily chip the motor on a 9660 to get the 20 hp.

Some of the later built 9750 combines had the 12.5 liter engine.
Don't remember Tier III being a selling feature.
Not that it is a selling feature.

i'm pretty sure that only the "Canadian Special" 9750's came with the 12.5, for the same reason they had the 9860 Premium

header controls are much better on the 60's. they have their own independent pwm valve which is much more sensitive.

60's acutally run the fan slower than the 50's, however, they are larger and move more air

the 8.1L engine in the 04 and 05's are a very good motor. we have had very few problems with them, except for the big crankshaft fiasco
what does a power chip cost??? and does it give better fuel economy????? are there chips for the 9750????
Power chips cost around $400-$600. Yes, fuel economy will be better. There are a number of different chips available for 9750's but there are 2 styles- '00 and '01 Tier 1, '02 and '03 Tier 2. These fuel systems are very different.
It didn't.
It had the same drive that simply couldn't handle the increased torque

My neighbor, burns rotor belts out on regular 9760 so take the same drives and put 375hp to them.
Only the 9860/70 has the larger sheaves and the 9880 of course.

Don't ever buy a 9750 with the 12.5L unless you enjoy changing rotor belts, the "Canadian Special" has the same capacity as a 2004 9860 but the rotor drives are weaker. I have talked to guys that have them and they hang 1 or 2 rotor belt on the side of the combine cause they know they will need them. I would take a 9660 over a 9750 any day, the 50s are first generation are a little rough around the edges , the 60 series are more refined and reliable. Just chip the 9660 to make it equal to a 9760.
I really have to wonder why the 'Can Special' has weaker rotor drives??
The crop here is usually wet and greenish.
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