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9760 4 wd axle to 9870- bin Extensions

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Can you put 9760 4wd unit on a 2009 9870???? What is the best grain bin extension????
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Customer has traded in a 60 Series combine for a 70 Series combine and would like to move the four-wheel drive motors to the 70 Series machine. Can this be done

Four-wheel drive bundles, BH90115 and BH90116, can be transferred to 70 Series machines with a few additional parts.

Part Number

70 Series 4WD Harness

Case drain hose (Replaces AH153932)

Forward pressure hydro hose (9670–9870 Only)

The following cab address will need to be changed to show that the Four-wheel drive option is install. , CAB 113 - _ X X X X n X X DISPLAY/MODIFY: Four wheel drive option 0 = Disabled 1 = Enabled

Instruction, H206890, can be downloaded from the Field Installation Instruction website for assistance with hose routing.

The parts listed above are now included in bundles, BH90115 and BH90116.
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Most people will tell you not to put a bigger extension on and at some dealers it will void your warranty. Any hopper extension will work flawlessly but its the combine frame/axles that are going to take a beating. But it makes harvest so much more convenient .
Thanks Tom that was quick. Will there be any issues with the pro drive are with speed ratios etc.
? Thanks alot
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