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9760/635 what kind of speed

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We started cutting wheat what kind of speed can you expect out of 9760/635 in 60 bushel HRW???? dry conditions, heavy straw 13% moisture
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I would say 4-4.5 wouldn't be out of the question and fairly sustainable.
I can't beleive this question gets asked, it all depends on how the grain is thrashing, how the machine is set, and weather/humidity. You have to get out of the machine and check things, not ask how fast can I go.
Harsh you shouldn't be so harsh! I understand all of that. This is the first time to cut wheat with deere, kind of looking for a realistic benchmark. thank you for that Alex. Iam having feeding problems with 635 it is rolling it over the top. I adjusted stripper plates this helped but didn't stop it, changed directions was the most effective, I guess that is why everyone talks about the draper heads. We have such short beans some years because of heat and drougth i was scared to try one. Thanks
you should check to see if you have the 3rd floor stripper installed.
it is pretty much directly under the auger, it was standard on 07 and newer heads, field installed for any 600 series
That would be the DTAC # I referenced in the header section... hope it works for ya
I moved the stripper plates back and then moved the auger back against them, this was 120% better. It is still feeding a little over but not bad. were getting a 2007 630 thursday so i can compare but this head only has 1 stripper and it is more on the side not on bottom. Thanks for all your help everyone.
Thats nice to hear, I wish i had a draper in wheat, there isn't any around here and i was scared to be the first because of the beans and i really don't know what to look far in a draper if i bought a used one.
If you have short beans I kinda think that is where the flex draper shines.
You wanna look at the whole thing when you buy a second hand draper. Steer clear of them if they arent perfectly straight. You will see it if you get it lifted up from the ground with a combine or something. Dont conclude that it is straight if it sitting on the ground.

Then you wanna look at axel that runs along the left hand side of the header. It transfers power from the gearbox that has a pto shaft which connects to the feederhouse. Where the axel from the left hand side connects to the gearbox you gotta inspect it very carefully for any cracks in the metal as those thing will just break on you without any kind of warning.

Spin the reel! spin it about 30 degrees every time you grab it, and if it suddenly takes off and spins more than that, it means you got a bend in it. And those are just pricks of things to get straight again.

Sit in the middle draper that feeds into the feederhouse, and push the draper rollers with your feet as hard as you can. If you cannot move them in, it means that the draper belts have been shortended all they can, and if you get a tear in the draperbelt later on you cant fix it without getting a new draperbelt.

Check the bearings on the wheels on each side.

Have a good look at the wobblebox. There should not be any to very little play in it when you turn the pulley on it. If there is any,it will cause you trouble later on. trust me. even if greased proberbly.

Look at where the the spring packs is joined onto the actual platform, and the carrier. The curved section that wraps around the pin can break and you wouldnt even know about it before you have parked you combine on top of it.

And finally, if you can get a combine hooked on to it while youre looking at it, check for leaks at all the hydraulic motors that pull the drapers.

ahem... Other than that, they are really good headers, and they will cut really low, if you pitch the whole thing forward.
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