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9760 Broken Shoe

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Just cracked the lower shoe in two on our 9760.......again! We also did it last year. Last year we put all new rubber bushings in all of the rocker arms (which we also replaced. We put an all new lower shoe in as well. Now 300 hours later, boom, same problem. We did loose a bearing on the shoe drive shaft (pitman arm) a few hours ago. Would this have cracked the shoe? This time it wasn't quite as bad as I heard it banging a little earlier. Last time we sucked half the shoe into the clean grain before the driver heard it. Is this a weak point in the machine? Has anyone else had a problem with this?
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I had a 04' 9660 and the shoe frame that held the shieve and chaffer gave up at 600hrs. Had cracks around the main support bolts on the left side.Deere replaced the shaker frame and all rocker arms and bolts. The replacement frame was made out of thicker steel. I traded for a 07' 9660 with bullet rotor. A rocker arm broke on it at 300hrs. Deere replaced the two front large arms. Then the water pump went out at 600hrs. I traded for a 09' 7120.
I put about 160 engine hrs. on it this summer. 950 acres wheat ,150 acres of barley. Really like the machine. We had alot of green straw. Wheat yields were 85-95 and Barley was 100+. Got the best stand of beans over all that I have ever had. So far glad I bought the 7120. That's hard to say when everything else around the farm is Green!
Farmerjones how many hours do you have on your 7010?
When we broke the shoe last year we put all new parts in including the shoe, rocker arms, bushings, and bearings. The new shoe looked like it was a lot stronger with more support. Apparently not. It appears that if ANYTHING goes wrong with the pitman arms/bearings, bushings, rocker arms, etc. you can and will break the shoe very quickly. We check the machines several times a day and only ran with a bad pitman bearing for an hour or so.....that was enough apparently.

RDO is our dealer and at least here (Washington State) they are known as "Rotten Deere Organization." Most of our neighbors drive miles to not have to do business with them. It's no surprise that when we asked them about this the first time we got the usual "never heard of this before." I could go on with many examples, but what's the point. We've been green everything (tractors, combines, sprayers, etc.) since the 1930's. This year we bought a CIH STX 485 Quad. Maybe the service won't get any better, but it couldn't get much worse. The next thing to go is this 9760, replaced by a Lexion 580R.
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