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9760 corn to wheat

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I have purchases a 9760 that is set up for corn, and will need to be set up for wheat. I realize I will need small wire concaves, but what would be the best set up? I have seen helical front concaves, I believe from Lowen, are they needed?. On lease combines in the past they had them set up with small wire concaves, 2 cover bands in the front, and 1 under the return, and 2 rows of separator covers on the left. I also have been going to check the sieves to see if they are long tooth or not. If they are, would I have to change them for wheat? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I am also looking for a header, and am leaning toward the 974 flex draper from Mac Don. Will I be happy with this header?
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If you have to buy small wire concaves anyway, go aftermarket. If you go with Precision Farm Parts you won't need any filler strips. They use an extra narrow in the front and standard narrow in the rear 2.

The 974 is a good header. Can be a little tricky fine tuning the flex system. The newer fd70's are noticeably better.
Bought a 36' 974 today. It needs some work, and will have to be changed from Agco to Deere, but it looks like if I can get a couple of pieces out of Winnipeg I can get the rest out of KC. It came off of a Challenger 670, and it appears that the single point hydraulic connector will work on a 60 series, is that true? Thanks for the help.
turk, i agree with greentech. if you have to buy them anyway, go aftermarket. we have a 974 and really like it although it's a 30 foot and we would really like a 35 or 40. might be interested in selling it if your looking for one.
You might have to switch some hoses around. eg. the fore-aft on the reel might be backwards.
Is the wheat fairly easy to threash? We use the round bar with the interupter inserts...takes 5 minutes to change over. We have allot better separation with this combo.
In going from corn to wheat, make sure your lever that controls rotor speed on the right-hand side of the machine is in the right notch.
Thanks for the responses. We got a nice rain, so corn planting is on hold for a few days and I will start shopping for small wires today. St. Johns Welding will rebuild concaves with hard surfacing, but I grow some seed wheat and I am concerned about cracking wheat. I would have to buy cores anyway, and I think I will end up with about the same money. I have run hard surfaced concaves in conventionals before, and they do last longer, but I thought I lost some in grain quality. I will probably go get the header in a couple of days, and I got a bunch of parts ordered. Should be able to get busy on this project soon!
Turk the rotory will be easier on the seed. The only time I see too much cracks is when the return gets excessive. Anything you can do to increase the life on wear items is good on the sts's.
The corn concaves from precision farm parts are by far the best i've seen. They are built heavy enough they don't bend when a big wad goes through. If you want better quality and a much easier combine to clean out between crops or varieties also get their solid front and rear beater with a speed up kit on the discharge beater. We run 6 new combines every year and the first thing we do when they get home is put in the solid feed accelerator and the speed up kit. This also helps alot when it gets tough.
Isn't that about 1/2 the guys here?

Welcome greenshorts.

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Just wondering how the precision parts compare to kuchar part on 9760
We cut with a farmer in ND who has both. The precision looks better to me but in the right conditions the kuchar did very well too.
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